Richard Bell, M.D.

Richard Bell, M.D. Dr. Bell is board-certified, specializing in general adult psychiatry. His undergraduate education began with a brief stint in Social Studies at Georgetown, transferring the next year to Stanford University, where he stumbled through Economics, got his toes singed briefly in Chemical Engineering and eventually landed on both feet in Chemistry, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in that subject. He later attended the University of Southern California, and received his Master of Science degree in Biochemistry, and then immediately on to the UCLA School of Medicine. Following an internship in Internal Medicine and residency in Psychiatry, Dr. Bell completed a Clinical Fellowship in Psychopharmacology at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, while passing his board certification examinations.

Since that time, his experience has been diversified, including community mental health, VA inpatient care, and solo private practice, as well as four delightful and challenging years as a university Student Health psychiatrist, and then as staff psychiatrist at Sierra Tucson, a 12-Step oriented center for the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions and other compulsive behaviors; while there, he earned certification by The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the newly-formed American Association of Addiction Psychiatry (Certificate #46, to be exact). Since his return to California, Dr. Bell has been in private practice, and now enjoys an eclectic, and sometimes hectic, professional life as a physician specializing in behavioral medicine.

In his spare (what’s that?) time, Dr. Bell dreams about sailing, and if he can get out on time, spends his Tuesday evenings with the Flying Dolphin Men’s Barbershop Chorus. He lives in Goleta with his wife Martha and their two delightful and challenging teenage sons now gearing up for the “real life” of college, just ahead.